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Phil Bajsicki

Reasonably experienced system administrator for micro/ small online businesses, looking to shift into cyber security. Pretty good at recognizing subtle patterns in dynamic data.


Ops/ System Administrator (The Engine Room, LLC), 04.2022 - 04.2023

  • Project Management
    • Helped manage 10+ projects for a team of 5+ using Critical Chain and GTD.
    • Maintained documentation, improved team efficiency by designing and implementing SOPs for frequent tasks.
    • Redesigned PM workflows for better efficiency and communication (Slack, Welo, ClickUp).
  • IT & Automation
    • Automated reporting and API connections between Google Workspace, ClickUp, and GoHighLevel.
    • Managed DNS, email integrations, WordPress, basic security and backups to Google Drive.

Lead Database Engineer (GTT Sp. z o. o.), 2008 - 2009

  • Developed and maintained complex geodesic databases in multiple coordinate systems.
  • Reverse-engineered the proprietary .mmp map format.
  • Created a system for transposing and converting between multiple coordinate systems.
  • Developed a CLI interface for free manipulation of data points, complex comparisons between datasets, and conversions between multiple formats.


  • TryHackMe:
    • CompTIA Pentest+,
    • Jr Penetration Tester,
    • Web Fundamentals,
    • Intro to Cyber Security


  • Cyber Security:
    • Burp Suite, nmap, hydra, devtools, metasploit
    • SQLi, XSS, IDOR, command injection, upload vulnerabilities
    • privilege escalation, windows local persistence, active directory
    • OSI model, phishing, NIST, MITRE ATT&CK, OWASP
  • System Administration:
    • Linux system administration and networking (curl, bash)
    • Scripting languages (Python, Perl, git)
    • Automation tools (ansible, terraform, etc.)
    • Basic web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    • System integrations (Zapier/Make, APIs, Webhooks, Databases)
  • Operations/ Administration:
    • Project management and documentation
    • Data analysis and reporting

Personal projects:

CL/ Python Developer (personal project), 12.2023 - present, on hold

Developed a script which turns reports from Google Lighthouse into plain English PDFs to assist non-technical staff with decision-making. Prototyping and testing in Common Lisp, migrated to Python.

System Administrator (personal project), 08.2022 - present

I run and maintain a small scale VPS for my personal internet presence, to ensure I’m up to date with my knowledge and skills, and to be in control of my data.